Wellspring Integrative Wellness Center is a small business community with a holistic focus on wellness, wellbeing and health, integrating a wide variety of beneficial modalities in one location

Mountain Time Wellness

Mountain Time Wellness offers affordable high quality classes in Wellspring Integrative Wellness Center’s state-of-the-art ‘Fitness’ and ‘Movement’ Rooms.


For more information contact Wellspring Integrative Wellness Center on 360.402.6184 – Mountain Time Wellness

Lotus Integrated Health

Lotus Integrated Health offers acupuncture, Chinese medicine, chiropractic medicine, therapeutic massage and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

For appointments and pricing info, contact Lotus Integrated Health on 360.400.5800 – Lotus Integrated Health

Waterfalls Longevity Center

Waterfalls Longevity Center offers chelation therapy, IV infusion therapies, medical services (including gynecology), aesthetic Services and a range of high-grade wellness products and supplements.

For appointments and pricing, contact Waterfalls Longevity Center on 360.400.2111 – Waterfalls Longevity Center