The Spa @ Wellspring offers a range of relaxing and reinvigorating services, including the W Suite, Traditional European Sauna, Esthetician, Massage and Hair Salon

W Suite

The W Suite includes a 2-person Ofuro, the traditional Japanese Soaking Tub, massage chairs and foot massagers and rainbow shower with jets.

Thousands of years ago, both the Greeks and the Romans recognized the therapeutic effects of warm sea water, penetrating the skin and entering the blood stream with its relaxing, regenerative and stimulating properties.

The W Suite offers a therapeutic, 2-person, authentic Japanese soaking tub with optional salt infusions from the Himalayans and the Dead Sea. These unique natural salts contain many minerals (including potassium and magnesium) which helps the nervous system, reduces stress and can even relieve water retention. Another plus is bringing about a healthy calcium balance to strengthen bones and nails. Salt baths are cleansing and healthy for everyone, stimulating circulation, hydrating the skin and increasing moisture retention.

Traditional European Sauna

The temperature in a traditional European sauna can reach very high temperatures (194-212°F) in relatively low humidity conditions (up to 15%). The combination of dry air and intensive vaporization of body perspiration makes it easy to endure such temperature levels. The recommended temperature is 194°F.

The Benefits of Traditional European Sauna

Health benefits attributed to the traditional European sauna are associated with high temperature levels and include:

  • Improved circulation;
  • Lower blood pressure;
  • Enhanced immune system;
  • Respiratory relief;
  • Detoxification;
  • Burned calories;
  • Better skin tone; and
  • Joint and muscle pain relief.

Useful Tips

  • Drink plenty of water before your session;
  • Take a shower before your session;
  • The first time, start with 10 minutes before cooling down;
  • After cooling down, you may want to try another 15 minutes;
  • A cold shower after your session will help skin pores close, making it more comfortable to dress before leaving;
  • Once comfortable with temperature levels, you can safely extend your sessions to 30 minutes;
  • Apply lotion after each session if your skin gets dry; and
  • The traditional European sauna can be used every day.


The Beauty Boutique is a Skincare Studio & Lash Lounge nestled inside of the Wellspring Integrated Wellness Center in Yelm, Washington.

The Beauty Boutique prides itself on using a safe and clinical approach to skincare and lashes. Every moment you spend at The Beauty Boutique will be dedicated to ensure that you get the right treatments and products for your skin type and to reach your goals.

As part of its extensive range of treatments and services, The Beauty Boutique offers Facial & Skin Treatments, Advanced Skin Treatments, Body Wraps & Treatments, as well as Lash & Brow Services.

Please take a moment to browse The Beauty Boutique schedule and contact Amanda on (253) 380-9550, or via email at to book an appointment.

The Beauty Boutique looks forward to welcome you and pamper your skin the way it was always meant to be pampered.


Come to Wellspring and enjoy a massage by Ann Fain, BA, LMP-C who has been a Licensed Massage Practitioner since 1996 and is a Pre-Med graduate from Sarah Lawrence College.

Ann specializes in Hawaiian Lomi Lomi with hot stones and was trained by the Kahuna, or indigenous Hawaiian healers.

Ann also specializes in injury massage, relaxation massage and accepts auto – PIP claims, L&I, and most health insurances.

One Hour Massage @ $75 – By Appointment Only – Call: 360.292.9320