Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine,
the ancient art of healing

The Ancient Art of Healing at Wellspring. Emma Ferguson Lac, EAMP is an acupuncturist, Chinese medicine certificate practitioner, and a certified nutritionist

Emma became interested in Chinese Medicine after a debilitating back injury left her unable to walk. She turned to acupuncture for relief and was completely enraptured by the effectiveness of this seemly mystical approach to healing. After a full recovery, she gave up her lucrative job in computer sales and went back to school full-time to discover the secrets of this wonderful and ancient method of healing.

A treatment with Emma will provide a thorough health evaluation, which takes seemingly unrelated signs and symptoms and places them into complex patterns of diagnosis. This ancient method has been used for centuries to not only diagnose current illness, but it is also an excellent method of detecting dysfunction in the body well before it presents itself as a physical disease.


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