What makes us get up, dust ourselves off and move forward regardless of failure, disappointment and a host of other emotions that might seem to otherwise drag us down? It’s our inner dignity that is the primary motivator for these self-empowered actions.

The strength of our dignity is determined by the fluctuations of our energies such as resilience, determination, courage and care. Some people seem to have a knack for maintaining an even temperament. Their dignity and composure never seems to waver.

Our inner dignity also has great capacity for reaching an optimal level. This is especially true, of course, during those periods in which things are going our way and all the pieces seem to be falling into place, and provided, of course, there are no major bumps along the way. Yet we all have our bumps and challenges.

There is another more reliable path to an optimal state of inner dignity:

When you are sincere in all things and strive to become your true self by listening to your deeper heart, you nurture and increase the power and available strength of your inner dignity.

Dignity lifts us to realms of new possibilities where things begin to transform, creating more stability in our lives. Undesirable patterns begin to disappear and new patterns emerge as a new way of life.

As a certified HeartMath coach, I now understand that the heart possesses a unique intelligence that can help us to adjust to accelerating change. When we access this intelligence, we have more clarity and power to quickly clear away unwanted thoughts and feelings and adjust to rapid change with confidence.